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32 - Door panel kit mid shelf凤凰彩票在线登录,凤凰彩票注册,凤凰彩票官网首页

Door panel kit mid shelf
  • 1.2mm thick stainless steel
  • Encloses all four sides of matching size 01, 02 and 03 model benches ( Also available for Sink Benches 05 and 06 models and SS23 granite topped benches)
  • Please notify your distributor if using for centre bowl sinks as end panel will differ
  • Supplied flat packed ready for self-assembly

For detailed drawing please click on the PDF file available for each individual unit below.

Data Sheet
Load Capacity
Cleaning Instructions

CodeDimensions mm (length x depth x height)Drawing
32-DPK-MS-6-0600 To suit 600 series 600mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-6-0900To suit 600 series 900mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-6-1200To suit 600 series 1200mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-6-1500To suit 600 series 1500mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-6-1800To suit 600 series 1800mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-6-2100To suit 600 series 2100mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-6-2400To suit 600 series 2400mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-7-0600To suit 700 series 600mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-7-0900To suit 700 series 900mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-7-1200To suit 700 series 1200mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-7-1500To suit 700 series 1500mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-7-1800To suit 700 series 1800mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-7-2100To suit 700 series 2100mm DPK
32-DPK-MS-7-2400To suit 700 series 2400mm DPK

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