EU Product Specifications Catalogue凤凰彩票在线登录,凤凰彩票注册,凤凰彩票官网首页

EU Product Specifications Catalogue凤凰彩票在线登录,凤凰彩票注册,凤凰彩票官网首页

For specification and further detail on each of our products, please click to download drawings and data sheets available within each product category below.

EU Combined Simply Stainless Product Brochure - Available as information and sales tool
Load Capacity - Maximum weight per unit
Cleaning Instructions - Important as may effect warranty
Studweld Position - Stud position under worktop for drawers
Upstand Vermin Seal - Unique system to prevent vermin and bacteria buildup
Max and Min Bench Height Adjustment - Height adjustment using standard feet or extra-long feet

GN Drawer

19 - EU GN Drawer凤凰彩票在线登录,凤凰彩票注册,凤凰彩票官网首页

GN Drawer to Accept 1/1 Gastronorm Dish to 150mm deep (Dish not Included)

Sink Bowl Cover

20 - EU Sink Bowl Cover凤凰彩票在线登录,凤凰彩票注册,凤凰彩票官网首页

To suite sink bowl 450mm x 450mm x 300 deep (Sink table not included)

Combi Stands

27 - EU Combi Stands凤凰彩票在线登录,凤凰彩票注册,凤凰彩票官网首页

Combi and Oven Stands for Electrolux, Rationale, Turbofan & Convotherm

Door Panel Kit

32 - EU Door Panel Kit凤凰彩票在线登录,凤凰彩票注册,凤凰彩票官网首页

Fully Enclosed Door Panel Kit to suit product number 01,02,03,05,06

Dish wash Entry/Exit bench

37 - EU Dish wash Entry/Exit bench凤凰彩票在线登录,凤凰彩票注册,凤凰彩票官网首页

Dish Wash Entry/Exit bench to suit 1 basket (Dishwasher not included)


137 - EU Accessories凤凰彩票在线登录,凤凰彩票注册,凤凰彩票官网首页

For more information on these accessories please contact your nearest distributor or contact

Stainless Steel Medical Trolley